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Fuel Adjustment

Fuel Adjustment


Due to soaring natural gas prices, GRU customers will see increases to their Electric Fuel Adjustment and Purchased Gas Adjustment. For more information, please see our frequently asked questions below.

Why is GRU increasing its Electric Fuel Adjustment and Purchased Gas Adjustment?

A global spike in natural gas prices is causing higher-than-expected electric bills across the country.

What are the Electric Fuel Adjustment and Purchased Gas Adjustment?

Fuel adjustments are “pass-through” costs based on how much GRU pays for the fuel it uses to generate electricity or provide gas. GRU closely monitors these costs and evaluates whether the utility needs to raise or lower them based on market conditions.

Does GRU make money on fuel adjustments?

No, GRU makes no money on fuel adjustments, it merely covers its costs to purchase the fuel.

Where can I find these charges on my GRU bill?

You can find these charges on Page 2 of your bill, under Electric Fuel Adjustment and Purchased Gas Adjustment.

What can GRU do to lower these costs?

By using a variety of fuel sources to generate electricity, GRU can cut down on the amount of natural gas it uses. When the price of natural gas increases, GRU often generates more electricity from the Deerhaven Renewable Generating Station, a renewable source of energy that uses biomass as fuel. GRU also entered into a 50-megawatt solar agreement to proactively address issues such as these.

What can I do to lower my bill? 

By making simple adjustments to your cooling or heating routine, you should be able to reduce your monthly bill. To get started, go to gru.com/saveenergy, where you'll find simple tips that can make a big difference. Then, go to our Energy and Water Surveys page to find useful online tools or to schedule an on-site energy survey conducted by one of our experts. 

Does GRU expect the Electric Fuel Adjustment and Purchased Gas Adjustment to increase more?

Yes, based on our projections, natural gas prices will continue to rise in the winter months, when the demand is greater in colder climates.

How will these increases impact my bill?

800 kWh Residential Electric Customer (GRU average customer)

  • October: $103.36

  • November: $111.76

  • December: $119.76

  • January: $122.16 

  • February: $122.16

  • March: $122.16

  • April: $126.96

  • May: $131.76

1,000 kWh Residential Electric Customer (Industry standard)

  • October: $129.59

  • November: $139.59

  • December: $149.59

  • January: $152.59

  • February: $152.59

  • March: $152.59

  • April: $158.59

  • May: $164.59

25 Therm Residential Gas Customer

  • October: $32.74

  • November: $36.49

  • December: $39.49

  • January: $40.74

  • February: $40.74

  • March: $40.74

  • April: $41.99

  • May: $45.74

If you have further questions, please contact customer service at 352-334-3434 or customerservice@gru.com.