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Tree Trimming/Removal

Home » Customer Service » Tree Trimming/Removal

We will assess trees growing near power lines

Trees on Power Lines

If a tree is lying on a power wire, please call 352-334-2871 immediately.

Trees Near Main Power Lines

We will evaluate a tree on your property that is growing near our main, high-voltage power lines (lines that do not directly connect to your home or business). A GRU forester will perform an on-site assessment of the tree within 14 business days and report our findings. Submit online request

Trees Near Lines Connected to Homes or Businesses

Electrical lines that connect to your home or business are called service drops and are low-voltage lines (120 or 240 volts).

Property owners are responsible for maintaining limbs that are above but not interfering with the service drop and dead trees adjacent to service drops. GRU offers free disconnect service for property owners or tree companies working near these lines. Call 352-393-1551 for more information.

If trees appear to be interfering with the service drop lines, GRU will perform an on-site assessment. Submit online request

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