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Save Water

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Beard More ... Shave Less!

About our beard modelAdam is a crew leader in the water department, fixing leaks, installing meters and lots of other jobs that help GRU provide safe and reliable drinking water to our customers. Over the past 13 years, he has worked his way up from doing irrigation for the City of Gainesville to his current position. “I guess we can consider that a pretty big accomplishment,” he humbly says. We sat down with Adam (well, Zoomed him, actually) to find out more about his job, his conservation efforts and his beard.  

What's is your favorite part about working at GRU?   

I have an opportunity to be out and about helping people, fixing leaks and working with some good people – making an impact on the community and being there for the customer.    

Has working at GRU changed your water conservation habits at home?  

I’ve got two girls, so one likes to fill the bathtub up. I teach my kids to take shorter showers, not to fill up the bath too much, not to sit there with the water running after they brush their teeth. I also watch my irrigation schedule. I irrigate in nighttime hours when it's dark so the water doesn't evaporate in the heat of the day.  

How long have you been growing your beard?    

Probably eight years.  

Did you ever think you and your beard would be the star of a GRU campaign?   

Not at all. When they came to me, I was happy to do it. It was fun.  

When you used to shave, how long did it take?   

About five minutes or so because I always kind of had facial hair, and I let the sink run while I was doing it. Now, my hair, I’m bald, and I can do that while I’m showering. I am already in there and not standing at the sink. When you're shaving, you're gonna have to stand at the sink to watch yourself, whereas, when I’m shaving my head, I just do it in the shower real quick, and I’m done.   

After learning about how not shaving can save water, will you continue to grow your beard to enhance your conservation efforts?   


How do you think this campaign can help GRU inspire other customers to save water?   

Obviously, a beard is not for everybody. It might bring light to the fact that when you are shaving maybe not keep the water running. Some people can't grow a beard or can't grow it for work, whatever the reasoning, but it can definitely teach people to be more mindful of their routine.  

Aside from saving water, what are the pros to having a beard?   

Well, I mean, it looks awesome!  

 - As told to Gwyneth Malesich, GRU intern

Tools and Information to Help You Save Money and Reduce Water Use

Quick Tips

Home Surveys

Request a free home survey, and our trained staff will inspect your home to identify ways you can reduce your energy and water use.

Irrigation Rules

Local watering restrictions change with the clocks. Follow these mandatory rules to save money while keeping your lawn healthy.

Water Leaks

Learn how to detect and repair water leaks, and find out how much a typical leak will cost you each month on our Save Water, Fix Leaks sheet.

Wastewater Charges: Establishing Your "Winter Maximum"

Conserve water during the winter months to reduce your wastewater charges for the entire year.

Resources for Kids

Learn about energy and water conservation with these fun, interactive activities.

Water Conservation

Our water conservation philosophy is simple: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Learn more on how we are protecting this valuable resource while planning for the future of your water.

Water Quality

Find out what we are doing to maintain the purity and quality of your drinking water in the Water Quality Report.

Local Water Programs

Lower your bill while reducing your water footprint. Check out some tips and programs from our local water partners to reduce the amount of water you use.