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Mutual Aid

Storm Central » Content » Mutual Aid

Assistance in times of need

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What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual aid is a coordinated agreement among electric utilities stating they may be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide personnel, equipment and material assistance during emergencies. This arrangement is established regionally so utilities can request assistance from within their state or region.

GRU uses and assists sister utilities from Florida and southeastern states during emergencies. Assistance is not always limited to those areas. Crews can travel from anywhere in the continental US to assist, if necessary.

When does GRU request help from other utilities?

Mutual aid contacts are made in advance so GRU can determine available resources prior to a potential emergency. If a natural disaster is eminent, GRU will notify these utilities of the possible need for assistance to determine availability. Aid will be requested only after restoration needs are assessed and the amount of mutual-aid resources is determined.

Does GRU pay for mutual aid?

Yes, mutual aid is an expense and, as a cost of providing utilities, it can be passed along to our customers. To keep restoration costs low, GRU only requests mutual aid as needed rather than requesting it as a storm approaches. This avoids expenses associated with placing crews on standby and limits costs to only those resources that are needed for power restoration.