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Responsibility for Damaged Utilities

Storm Central » Content » Responsibility for Damaged Utilities

Repairing utilities after the storm

Who is Responsible for Repairs

GRU's Responsibility Customer's Responsibility
Electric Damage to GRU service conductors (residential) and electric meters. The meter box and your weatherhead or riser, which are the technical names for the pipes and wires coming into and out of the meter box and house.
Water Everything from main service outlet up to the water meter. The pipe running from the water meter to the house.
Wastewater Damage to lines outside the property line. Repairs within the property line.
Natural Gas Damage to gas service line, regulator, meter and meter outlet (where the customer's gas ties into GRU's lines). Repairs beyond the meter outlet (where the customer’s gas ties into GRU’s meter).

Permits for Repairs

In most cases, repairs to the meter box, weatherhead or riser will require a permit. Once repairs are completed, an inspection to certify the repairs is required before GRU can restore power to your home or business

Permits and inspections are typically handled by your licensed electrician through the city or county. Your electrician may charge a fee for the permit and inspection.

  • Gainesville City Permits: 352-334-5050
  • Alachua County Department of Growth Management: 352-374-5243

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