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Natural Gas Safety

Storm Central » Content » Natural Gas Safety

What to do during and after a storm

Storm Central Numbers
  • Power Outages/Downed Power Lines
  • Natural Gas Emergencies
  • Water/Wastewater Emergencies
  • Customer Service
  • Internet Help Desk
    GATOR NETSM & GRU.Net 352-334-3000
  • Call Before You Dig

If you have a natural gas emergency or gas service interruption, call GRU at 352-334-2550 immediately.

If You Smell Gas (Rotten Egg Smell)


Call GRU at 352-334-2550 and your local fire department. Alert others and leave the area immediately if possible.


Alert others and leave the area immediately. Do not use the phone until you are clear of the gas smell and safely away from the home. Call 911 from outside.

If you can't leave your home due to a severe storm, shut off the gas at the valve on the meter (see picture below), ventilate the house by opening windows and doors, and follow these precautions:

  • Don't turn any lights on or off.
  • Don't use anything electrical, including your garage door opener.
  • Don't create a spark by lighting a match.
  • Don't use your phone until you have vacated the premises. This includes cordless phones and cell phones.

Shutting Off Your Gas

If your home sustains significant structural damage, shut off the gas service at the valve located at the meter.

Restoring Gas Service

If you turned off gas at each appliance, follow the written instructions located on the appliance for relighting. You may also call GRU at 352-334-2550 or a licensed plumber to assist you. A service fee may apply.

If your natural gas is turned off at the meter and there was no flooding in your home, please call GRU at 352-334-2550 to turn on your service. Do not attempt to turn the meter on yourself.

If you had flooding in your home, contact a licensed plumber to inspect your piping and appliances before calling GRU to turn on your service.